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Environmental Testing Facilities Div.

 CBI understands that every end user 's needs may be unique ,As partner of  Italy Angelantoni-ete Div.in China,we provide many different kinds of chambers to meet requirement for each individual application of test.  Over past years in China, CBI has been building up our professional sales team and service centers for maintenance, training, and consultants service, which was established under fully cooperation and technical supporting from ete side, JV cooperation company "Angelantoni science and technoloyg(AST) has been playing more and more important role as Regional DEMO,Service and Training center in Southern part of China since 2001.

(1)Climatic and thermostatic chamber



Temperature Range (C°)

  ―40℃~ +180℃


   10~98%RH (+5C°~+95C°)

 Capacity ( L )

  224, 336, 557, 1152, 1535, 2040

 Refrigeration System

  Single -stage or double-stage Air /water cooling System

 Control System and Display

1. TFT touch – panel color LCD Display (internal PLC controller,running under Windows 98)
2. STN touch – panel color LCD monitor
3. TFT true color LCD monitor


  WinKratos® is the new-generation control and management system for Single /Multi-Chambers connection Version.


(2)Thermal shock chamber

High Temperature

  Room Temperature ~ +200C°
Low Temperature  +60 ~ - 70C°( - 80C°)
Normal Temperature Zone   - +20℃ ∽ +25℃

Recovery Time 

in Air

 2 min in the range -55/125C°

 5 min in the range -65/+150C°

Capacity ( L )

  Stand Mode: 27, 84, 157, 320
 Horizontal: 500, 1000



(3)Stardard Wazzle Climate Walk-in Chamber


  ete Walk-in Chamber

Temperature Range ( C° )


 Refrigerator unit   Single -stage or double-stage Air /water cooling System

  1. TFT touch – panel color LCD Display (internal PLC controller, running under Windows /Windows2000)
2. STN touch – panel color LCD monitor
3. TFT true color LCD monitor

 Box Body

  Galvanized Steel Panel Spray Plastic of the Casing, Stainless Steel of the Interior Bladder, Insulation thickness:120mm


note)Contents with ( ) are illustration parameters of volume. Besides the above facilities, we also provide other experiment facilities of high-speed temperature-changing chambers (UP TO 60C°/minute), low air pressure experiment chambers, integrated experiment chamber, accelerated aging experiment chamber(HAST / HLAT), Solar Box, Ring spraying etc. Consultation is welcomed.



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